May 26, 2008

Obama: The New Gold Standard for Black Leadership

While Obama is no savior and certainly does not want for critics on the right or the left, both black and white, I believe there is no denying that his nomination run has and is setting the new standard by which the success of current and future black leadership will be measured. That is a desirable and satisfactory result.

Future black political leaders, indeed political leaders from other communities of color, can be expected to model on Obama, who is poised to potentially become the first African American to hold the office of the president. I would submit that its not a bad model at all. Lets tick off what works: A first rate education, outstanding fundraising and money management skills, a powerful communicator, a culturally congruent life partner, clear ability to lead a team with integrity, transparency and effectiveness. Obama's continued success is raising the bar for what black America will consider acceptable, successful and effective leadership. This is perhaps his single greatest contribution to Black America