May 16, 2008

Sweetie? Obama, You Know Better - Act LIke It

Obama got himself in a little hot water and rightly so for calling Peggy Agar, a local reporter in Detroit "sweetie" when she shouted a question his way during a tour of a stamping plant. The social no no was caught on tape. Obama later called Peggy Agar to apologize both for not answering her question and for calling her "sweetie". I watched the clip of the tour where he said it and all I got to say is O baby, thats a silly rookie mistake. Don't do it again. It looked and sounded condescending and had she been a male reporter, you might have still blown her off, but you would not have used any such terminology. I do not believe you meant to be condescending or offensive, but you were in actuality and you were perceived to be so as well. So to the extent that you have this as a bad habit, you better break it right here, right now. You cannot afford any continued tone deafness on this score.

You're married to a strong black woman, so I know you know the problem entailed in using that kind of nomenclature on a woman you don't know. I'm sure you would not appreciate somebody rolling on Michelle like that. Hopefully, Michelle whapped you upside the back of your neck when you got home. You're fighting to be POTUS. You are a balling, shotcalling Harvard educated grown ass black man. That is beneath you. Here endeth the lesson.