June 26, 2008

Open Letter to Fox News: Clean Up Your Act or Suffer the Consequences

Dear Mr.Ailes,

As an African American viewer and consumer, I find myself repeatedly outraged by Fox News' aggressive and intentional use of irresponsible language and racist stereotypes in their coverage of Senator Barack Obama and his wife Michelle Obama. From E.D Hill's "terrorist fist jab" comment to the extremely offensive labeling of Mrs. Obama's as "Obama's baby mama," Fox is making a clear statement to African American viewers that it holds our community in a degree of contempt.

Fox has a pattern of using on air racially offensive language, then apologizing after controversy erupts and these apologies are clearly insincere and are not evidence of good faith because the pattern of offensive rhetoric continues.

Its clear Fox has a made a decision to aggressively use race as a divisive, wedge topic in its coverage, to sensationalize it in a quest for viewership.

Your network must stop cynically using racial stereotyping and intentionally provocative language with overt and covert racial undertones to extract money from advertisers with sensational coverage.

I urge you to immediately take steps to restore integrity to your news coverage.

I am tired of repeatedly being offended by the programming, editorials and commentary on Fox News during this election campaign. I intend to do everything I can to hold you, your network, its advertisers and personalities accountable for the continuing attempts to undermine the Obamas, Black institutions and other Black Americans by purposely preying on prejudice, ignorance and racial division in your programming.

Many people, black and white feel the same about your coverage. In a year when anything seems possible in the political life of this country, people are deciding enough is enough. I urge you to change course, or you may find that your network's brand and bottomline rightly suffers.

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