July 1, 2008

Courting Colin

NPR ran a story today about the degree to which Colin Powell's endorsement is being sought by both the Obama and McCain campaigns. We have opined in the past about the Dream Ticket that will never be, and its a shame that we are likely to be frustrated here as well. By NPR's account, McCain is certainly talking to Powell about getting his support. They are both military men with a long relationship both professional and personal. McCain reportedly is making the case that the republicans brought Powell to the dance, and he ought to stick with them, no matter his public statements that he is considering supporting Obama.

On the other hand, Powell's departure from the Bush administration was not a voluntary one. He was pushed out, in favor of keeping Rumsfield around, who was later very unceremoniously sacrificed to the incoming Democratically controlled Congress. He, depending on the narrative you want to believe was among the few counseling the President not to pursue war in Iraq, and felt he was misled in going to the UN to make the case for a unanimous resolution for the invasion of Iraq. The right wing of the republican party has never much cared for him, though they will admit begrudgingly that he was a good soilder and did what he was asked.

He has met with Obama and has given him advice. Of all the choices for Veep, this is the one I could bet on without hesitation. Alas, by every account, Colin promised Alma he would not run for President when many were urging him to do so and I imagine that she would not encourage him to seek or accept the vice presidency either. Were I Obama, I would make a strong and vigorous appeal to Colin that his country needs him as never before. Certainly Obama could use his counsel and he would have the Cheney like advantage of having no desire to ascend to the Presidency, which I think is an effectiveness force multiplier for VPs.

Is an Obama/Powell ticket in the universe of possibility? Would Alma sign up for one last ride? If you had to put money on it, will Colin back Obama, McCain or keep his peace?