September 26, 2008

The Debate: Things to Watch For

h/t Diva in NASCAR Nation

Things to Watch For:
  1. Whether or not Senator Obama comes out of the gates strong-a strong start should set him up for a solid performance;
  2. Whether he employs the “Uncle Fred Test:” is what he is presenting easily understood by my Uncle Fred, or his own grandmother. That is, short, succinct answers, with both depth and breadth-no big words, no run-on answers, the KISS method;
  3. The impact of the last 48 hours on Senator McCain-his game-altering move didn’t seem to alter much, so how will he handle the evening; and finally
  4. Ratings in the Rust Belt and NASCAR Nation: it’s Friday night, so large numbers of swing-state voters will be at a high school football game. The message will be lost on those who need to hear it the most!