October 8, 2008

Brother On the Other Side

Hat tip Dirty Harry's Place

This was a fun and well delivered piece of rhetoric for the McCain/Palin ticket. Harry said he would vote for Palin-This Guy 08. I think I would reverse the order. He makes a good argument or two for the conservative viewpoint. I'm a conservative myself, so I enjoy hearing the case made. However, its major drawback is that it lacks authenticity in articulating the case for conservatism within the black community from our perspective. When you articulate the case for conservatism in the same tone of scorn and derision used by conservatives pursuing political advantage rather than positive outcomes in our community, you lose credibility with me.

His arguments about planned parenthood for example, while correct in their irony, are the same arguments served up by conservatives who will not contribute anything to the discussion about re-entry or justice system reforms while they pursue voter suppression strategies to beat back the exercise of black voting power. I'm all for arguing the conservative case because I am one, but I have very little patience for people who espouse conservative principles and their superiority for the black community (which is true) but turn a blind eye to conservative efforts to gain power using the black community as its foil.