December 7, 2008

Obama: The Usurper

Add this to the list of appellatives, already impressive, that Obama is accreting to himself. The anti-Obama under narrative is now set and grows each day as the Donofrio v. Wells proponents across the nation wait for the Supreme Court to indicate whether or not they will take up the case and clarify the question of what is a "natural born citizen" for purposes of Article 1, Section 2 of the Constitution. The court met in conference on Friday to consider whether or not to take up the case and issued no orders in the afternoon for this case. Court spokesman indicate that a decision will be announced on Monday. General custom at the court is that cases that will not be heard following conference are held over until Monday and then orders indicating denial of the petitions are issued. This is not always true however, and commenters to Donofrio's blog are literally praying that the Supremes will take up the question.

I've already issued my prediction, which I'll repeat and clarify further now. If the court does not take up this case and leaves intact the unsettled nature of the law regarding eligibility for the Presidency, it will be a clear decision that it is not in the nation's interest to remove this ambiguity from the law under this set of circumstances. If the court does take up the case, then brace yourselves, because if they decide to hear it, its because they intend to render Obama ineligible.

If they do so, all bets are off. Should it happen prior to the meeting of the Electoral College, possible outcomes include the Democratic Party subbing in Hillary, while the Republicans might bring Palin back up from the minors for the top spot. Political chaos would become the order of the day and under such circumstances, if you think the domestic and global economic situation is bad now, it would go into complete free fall were the US to be thrown into such uncertainty relative to the Presidency. I don't even want to think of the national security implications of such a crisis with a mere few weeks until the current president's term comes to an end.

The followers of Donofrio think they want this, but they really don't. The Supremes are not idiots and they can reasonably comprehend some of the hideous outcomes that might follow were they to interpret the constitution as Donofrio suggests. Donofrio's followers are praying that SCOTUS will take up this case. I'm praying just as earnestly that they don't.

Update: At 10 a.m. today, the Court will release the remaining orders from the Justices’ private conference last Friday. (Click here for the orders released Friday afternoon.)