January 25, 2009

If You Are Too Scared to Criticize Obama For Fear of Being Called Racist, Then Keep Your Mouth Shut

I listened to a right leaning talk show host whine repeatedly that any one who criticized Obama would be called a racist. I've heard this same complaint throughout the campaign and now that Obama has assumed the office, I'm still hearing it.

All I have to say is STOP YOUR WHINING AND MAN UP! No excuses, cuz here is the deal. If you got a valid critique to make of Obama's policies or decisions, then make your case. If you're afraid that whatever you have to say will get you called a racist, then keep your frikkin mouth shut, because chances are, whatever you have to say is lame. Because if you have something worth saying and you know how to communicate, it's credibility will be invunerable to serious attack on the basis that it is racist. Period.