January 22, 2009

Vice-President Joe Sixpack or Joe Doofus?

It has been abundantly clear that Obama's style is No Drama. Obama has been quite gracious to his former opponent for the presidency, John McCain for example. He was quite gracious to John Roberts regarding the flubbing of the oath. So is it too much to ask that Vice President Joe read the memo and catch a clue? Check the tasteless jab at the Chief Justice and Obama's clearly irritated reaction, even going so far as to touch Biden to rein in the BS, and Biden's equally clueless lack of awareness of it. That lets you know right there just how far outside of Obama's comfort zone Biden was, to get a reaction out of cool character like Obama thats so obvious.

This episode right here makes me wonder what asset the One thought Biden was bringing to the table when he picked him, because his command of nuance, smoothness and class sure was not it. I'm hoping he's got something more going for him thats value added to Team Obama. I consider Dick Cheney to be among the most effective and high performing vice presidents to hold the office. Cheney would never have been out of step with Bush in this way. N-E-V-E-R. I had hoped that Obama would have the benefit of a VP that was every bit as effective as Cheney was for Bush. Cheney had no desire to be the President and spent his time being a very effective second in command. Biden on the other hand I fear, still harbors ambitions for the Oval Office and therefore is liable to remain a gafferic, off key distraction to the smoothness of the One for the remainder of his just started yesterday presidency.

Exit question: Do you think Obama tuned Biden's butt up about this gaffe after the event?