February 21, 2009

NAACP Leadership Foolishness On Display

The NAACP national leadership is majoring in the minors and providing further validation for the viewpoint that they have lost their sense of purpose, proportion and mission. The New York Post was culturally incompetent in printing the cartoon and one could certainly find it offensive, off color, some level of inappropriate, tasteless, etc. If you are just determined to go there, call it racist if you must. But thats pretty much all the energy and time it's worth in the scheme of things. Some words of condemnation.

But in the words of Bejamin Jealous, "... we will move this from a local, regional issue to a very national issue". I am hard pressed to see how this merits such attention. Obama has been the president for but a minute. He is and will continue to be the target of hostile and negative invective, much of it far worse. In what universe is this New York Post carton even remotely important or worthy of a nationwide organized effort to get the cartoonist and editor fired by the NAACP? Are we really to believe that this is worthy of the NAACP's resources?

Its not. The NAACP national leadership is foolish to pursue the issue in this manner. The New York Post cartoon, offensive though it may be, is simply not that important. Indeed, it is not important at all when laid alongside the myriad number of serious issues wreaking havoc in black America and indeed among black peoples the world over.

This sort of reactionary, non-strategic, victim centered waste of time offends me.