February 1, 2009

Why Is Roland Burris Playing Coy About Running to Keep His Senate Seat?

I listened to Roland Burris's sit down with Tavis Smiley aired on Jan. 28th and I would really appreciate it if he would drop this coy BS about thinking over running to hold the seat.  He knows he plans to run to keep the seat.  He didn't stick his head into the political threshing machine with Blago for nothing.  I ain't mad at him.  He made his play and got what he wanted. But it doesn't communicate trustworthiness or integrity to play games about your ambitions.  Burris wants the seat, wants the power and all the other stuff.  Stop talking to your constituents and the country like we're stupid.  Every time he claims he hasn't decided, it only cements my view of him as corrupt and a liar.