March 29, 2009

Online Home of Gutless Racists

Way back in March of 2007,  fellow blogger Villager of Electronic Village posted on the hate site Detroit Is Crap. Interestingly enough, the site owner showed up in the comments to deny that his site was racist in any way.  I thought it was an interesting exercise in stupidity, that this racist pig would show up on a black blog and try to argue to black people that his view (that we are sub human animals) is correct and supported by evidence.  I was rereading that particular post today and popped over to see if the Detroit is Crap racist crowd was still at it.  Indeed they were. I'm sure that each and every one of them would all claim that they are not racists, but indeed they are, which means not only are they racist, but they are gutless racists to boot.  Give me good old fashioned racists, the kind with enough balls to say so.  

This band of wingnuts would happily kill every black man, woman and child in America and enslave any of us left alive.  I'm incredibly sorry that I didn't mosey over to this site the day Obama won, it would have been a hearty laugh. They link to a variety of other hate sites, but since I can only stomach so much bile in one sitting, I have not checked the others.  I have nothing but contempt for these people who are probably among the lamest folks you could ever meet.  Only lamers would spend their time the way these gutless wonders do.