April 1, 2009

Redstate Is Mostly An Empty Snarkfest

I still follow RedState in my reader these days, but ever since they kicked me out for talking about the GOP's lousy political practice where blacks are concerned, I have to say I read their headlines with a more juandiced eye. I've come to the conclusion that about 75% or more of all their posts are simply snark.

They put a lot of time and energy into crafting sarcastic, biting, cutting, insulting and name calling posts to make their point that anyone who doesn't agree with them is pretty much the unpatriotic devil. Case in point; their post about Obama's gift to Queen Elizabeth of an Ipod. They take pains to paint the entire deal as a deadly insult to the Brits, and they don't note that he also gave her a signed songbook by the composer Richard Rodgers. So they are happy to tell their stories in the way that slants in the direction they want to point it and they will leave out facts to get the impression they want. More to the point, does anyone honestly give a crap what the heck Obama gives to the Queen, who lacks for nothing? Do the folks at Redstate really think that people living out here in the heartland and just trying to make it give a flying flip about that? Do they really expect us to believe that in the great game of geopolitics between nations, that our relationship with the United Kingdom turns on what stupid gift the Queen gets when the President comes calling?

I think most of their posts are lightweight just like this one. Now, Redstate has a big following and by any measure is a far more successful blog than my own modest effort, so they are not losing any sleep over my opinion and can live their day justifiably smug that they are on the right track. But a blog that excludes dissenting voices because they only want to hear those who agree with them is lame. APS may not be the daily traffic stop for thousands of conservatives, but I won't kick you out because we don't agree and I can't take the heat of debate.

And yeah, I'm still cheesed off about being banned.