April 7, 2009

Gingrich Goes Temporarily Moonbat

I ordinarily find Gingrich to be interesting, intelligent and these days, a bit more reasoned and seasoned in his bombast. But the North Korean missile test has most of the prominent voices on the right coming unhinged and accusing Obama of capitulation. Gingrich gets himself in on the action on the Sunday talk shows:

AllahPundit at Hot Air nails this foolishness:

"As for North Korea, what exactly is the alternative to how Obama handled it? What would McCain have done differently? Newt told Fox News Sunday yesterday that a President Gingrich would have
disabled the missile before launch — “there are three or four techniques that could have been used” — but that’s so nutty and “out of touch with reality” itself that I can’t believe he seriously means it. With Iran, Iraq, and Afghanistan already on the Pentagon’s plate and the economy teetering towards depression, he would have risked a regional war involving millions of Koreans, Japanese, and Chinese and a global economic meltdown just to prove a point about missile tests? How, exactly, would the threats to the United States in the Middle East be lessened by America suddenly having to commit tens or hundreds of thousands of troops to defending Seoul? "

Awesome points. Conservative criticism of this sort from Gingrich and the rest of the GOP to the right makes me uncomfortable. All this talk from Cheney, Gingrich and others of how we are less safe and there will be an attack runs the risk of being perceived as cheerleading for disaster. An overreaction to NK's missile launch of the kind being pushed on the right would have been an investment in substantial disruption that the US can ill afford, simply to make a sabre rattling point about NK's missile program. American military policy is very ably in the hands of SecDef Gates, whose wise counsel Obama is heeding. Its irresponsible to attempt to goad the President into foolish and dangerous foreign policy actions in order to score points with the base.