May 29, 2009

Obama's 3 a.m. Call Moment May Be Fast Approaching

The Obama administration's 3 a.m. moment could be upon us at any hour. Nightwatch reports that Chinese fishing vessels operating near the Northern Limit Line (NLL) are leaving the Yellow Sea area northwest of Seoul. The number of boats operating in the area has decreased from 280 to 140. This is a strong indicator that naval clashes are possible and that other violent events from N. Korea can be expected.

Meanwhile, in Pakistan, attacks by Taliban forces on government targets and civilians in Pakistan's major cities are a potent message to the government and the population that the Taliban can strike with impunity anywhere. The Pakistani army appears to have lost the initiative. After beginning a vigorous offensive against the Taliban that seemed to set them back on their heels, the bombings make it clear that the Taliban are regaining the offensive against government forces. As the attacks continue, its quite likely that the government will lose popular support for resisting the Taliban. The likelihood that the Taliban may successfully destabilize Pakistan and pose a real threat of nuclear weaponry falling into the hands of terrorists and the necessity of US action to insure that does not happen.

Obama's 3 am moment is upon us.