March 29, 2010

Black People, Stop Calling the C-SPAN Republican line

This is just really funny to me. I could not help but chuckle when I listened to it.  I can't even get mad at the caller. He wasn't raving and I don't think you can read his comments as anti-black necessarily with the exception of that "blackspan" bit (still kinda funny).  That was a little on the edge of being racially nasty.  But basically, he was mad because black people are calling in on the GOP and independent line, crowding out the white folks, when 90% of black folks support Obama, which he accurately points out with the Jesus reference. So this guy calls in to appeal to the C-SPAN moderators to fix this problem of these black folks calling in on the wrong lines, so he can get a word in edgewise. Fair is fair black people.
Stop frontin on the wrong lines. Don't call in on the GOP and independent lines if you ain't one, so your fellow GOP citizens can have their say too.