March 28, 2010

Political Season Gets a Minor Makeover

I've been dithering over changing the look of the blog for awhile now, intending to make the move to Wordpress where many of my black blogging betters (in traffic) seem to reside.  But life is usually getting the better of me and I just haven't found the time to invest in the project.  Blogger happily has come along and introduced a new template designer interface that simplified the work of remaking the look and feel of the blog.  I took it out for a spin and while the blog design is still a bit mass market pedestrian, readers who appreciate our content here at APS will likely overlook that. 

Considering that I have had more than a few people tell me that the black background and font size made the blog hard to read, I'm hoping that what the current design may lack in web panache, it will more than make up for in improved readability.  In addition to sprucing up the page. I also was able to clean out old code that was affecting blog load time and I completely  reinstalled the comment system which was never quite right under my old custom template. Now you get the full Intense Debate comment system experience, with a ton of social media intergration in it connecting to Twitter, Facebook and other networks.  A great blog desires great readers, so follow us on Networked Blogs and via Google Friend Connect.

So stop through and look it over and leave us a comment with your reaction to the new look, layout and how well the comment system is working.  Feedback is always welcome.