October 16, 2010

Whether You Are a Believer or Not Is Irrevelant: God is Still God, and He's Awesome

There are places on this planet you can go and see nature so pristine and beautiful laid out before you and you can't help but think the thought that the Creator is awesome.  I've been to a few places like that, but I've always thought that the most compelling evidence of God's creative handiwork and power was the very Heavens themselves.  I mean look at these pictures.  I look at these photos of the wonders out there in an ever expanding universe and I think to myself  "There is a God".  Galaxies, nebula, black holes, pulsars, planets, comets, binary stars and a bunch of stuff even wilder are all out there. Galactic structures so awesome in scope that there size is measured in lightyears.

 It is difficult in the extreme for me to fathom how any human can look upon the mighty works in the heavens and conclude that such awesome, impossible beauty, order and titanic galactic forces could have been produced by random chance rather than the will of a divine and omniscient Creator.  Even more awesome and mind blowing a thought for me is this: the God who made all of the Creation we can see, in all its glorious wonder and mystery, that same God cares about each and every one of us individually, personally.  He cares about me.

I'll leave you with a slightly off the wall exit thought:  I sometimes wonder, as I think many people have from time to time,  when we die (if you are a believer) and go to Heaven, what will we do? God is so awesome and wonderful that I'm sure we could simply kneel before him and worship for all eternity.  Its what the Seraphim do, just worship.  But we are not like the angels.  We are His children, created to give Him glory in service to His will.  And God does not waste anything.  The universe is huge beyond our comprehension and still expanding and there is all this stuff out there that we've only seen in pictures or in our imaginations. I think its going to be our job to spend eternity exploring the rest of God's creation.

I think Heaven is gonna have spaceships.