December 31, 2010

Faulting Obama

Hat Tip to Cobb

Cobb highlights a critique of the President he finds on point.  I agree. The most salient bits in my view:

It's been about settling. "Well, this isn't exactly what you want, but imagine how much worse it will be if we don't at least do this."  That has been the logic of virtually everything the Obama Administration has done. And not just the finished legislation, but of all the pre-compromising, of the exclusion of idealistic voices--or even just long-suffering, hard-working, scientifically informed and/or militant ones....
And throughout all of this what is always being lost, piece by piece, bit by bit is the wild-eyed exuberance of limitless hope and aspiration.  What's being lost is vision...

Sadly, I could not agree more.