January 5, 2011

Steele's Run as RNC Chair Coming to An End

Way back in April 2010, when there were calls for Steele to be bounced as RNC Chairman,  I predicted that he would survive that challenge to serve out his term, but would not be reelected to the post in 2011.  The RNC Chairman position will be voted on Jan. 14 and I expect that prediction to hold firm.  Steele faced off against his rivals for the job in a first ever RNC Chair debate yesterday.

I blogged several times on Steele and right from the get go, his numerous gaffes were cringe inducing. Groveling to Rush, talking about wooing black voters with fried chicken, the GQ article where he used profanity and made nonsensical statements and so much more.

While many people will defend him on the basis of the GOP's electoral performance in the mid terms, I'm not entirely inclined to give him over much credit there. I look at his tenure the way I look at what the Obama administration and the Fed are doing for the big banks. If you're selling the banks money at 0% and they resell at 4% and up, of course they will show profits. My 7 year old could make money like that. Likewise with Steele. In this environment, with so much outrage at the Obama administration and a grassroots Tea Party wind at your back that the RNC had nothing to do with creating, how could you fail to win elections?

There are legit questions about his performance, the RNC's debt and his management. He wasn't part of the establishment network and was fought in some ways, thats a legit defense to his critics. But if I judge him on what he's done for the RNC brand during his tenure, I'd have to say he seriously underperformed.

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