September 24, 2011

Katt Williams Loves America

Katt Williams is an extremely profane and often hilariously funny comic.  He specializes in a raunchy, profanity laced brand of strictly for adults comedy, part of a crop of bad boy comics who specialize in raunchy shock humor that is laugh out loud funny if you've got the cahones to listen to it.  I love that kind of standup, particularly if its intelligently constructed.

Katt happens to be among that group of comics in this genre who can craft a profane narrative and make you like it.  Well Katt has caught a little bit of heat and criticism for what critics have labeled an anti-mexican rant and which I regard as a "pro America" rant.  Katt was playing a club in Pheonix and confronted a heckler who said "f**ck America" (which is not not heard in the clip of the episode) in his own imitable ribald and profane fashion. (Warning: Very NSFW)

I think about the only problem I have with Katt here is that it went on a little long.  He had clearly made his point and embarrassed the guy, who eventually leaves.  Beyond that,  I think the outrage is unwarranted.  For crying out loud, this is Katt Williams, talking like Katt Williams.  And I can't say I have any huge issue with him telling the guy off after saying "f**k America" to him.  Rubbed him the wrong way, so he got in the guys grill. He took heat for it when it sorta broke in the news several weeks later and his publicist apparently issued an apology.  But when CNN got him on to talk about the incident, Katt made it clear he authorized no such apology and wasn't offering one. Check it.  Its awesome.

 I love Katt's CNN interview.  Its refreshing to see somebody not walk back something they clearly said and downright spine tinglingly exciting to see somebody say "I said what I said and I meant what I meant".  Even more awesome to see a brother straight out the hood say unabashedly, I love America.  Straight up.  Whats even funnier than Katt giving the heckler a geography lesson is the plethora of articles that claim he apologized in the CNN interview.  He most assuredly did not.
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