About Me

About Me

My Current Project

Trying to adapt online project management tools for use by residents in comprehensive community development plans

My Greatest Achievement

I don't have one I think is really worth crowing about yet

My Biggest Regret

I didn't end up being an astronaut, and odds are, I will never get the chance to leave Earth.

I Truly Respect

 People with a for real  commitment to truth, justice and the American way

Things That Really Happened

I did my first scuba dive in the waters of the Red Sea

TV I'm Currently Addicted To...

Sons of Anarchy, Luther, Scandal

This Is Annoying Me...

Driving behind people who drive like they have nowhere to be when I do

This Is Making Me Worry...

the growing inability of political parties in America to accomplish anything worthwhile

This Is Bringing Me Joy...

my lovely wife and the three smart, wonderful kids we are raising

This Is Helping Me Create...


This Is Making Me Think - Hard...

The Pentagon's New Map

This Makes My Teeth Itch

 People who can't run an efficient meeting, but should

Can't Do Without

The internet

Favorite Voices

I'm thinking about it