June 7, 2008

Clinton Concedes

Hillary Clinton regained a measure of my respect today in conceding the nomination battle and pledging her support for Barack Obama's candidacy. While it did not stir me as Al Gore's concession speech did in 2000, it was complete in its terms. Her speech was conciliatory, emphatic and clear.

It was obvious that it cost her something personally. At several points in the speech, her voice appeared to catch and she was clearly fighting mightily not to cry. I appreciate that she did it, that it was emotional and I'm sure infinitely hard for her to stand down. With today's speech, she brings this nomination battle to a close and cedes the election spotlight to the democratic nominee - Barack Obama.

I do not think it is an overreach to say that because of Hillary Clinton, there will be a woman president in the country's near term future. She has without a doubt set a precedent and blazed a trail that will make the path for a future woman candidate so much easier because of the pioneering work that Clinton has done. She will be to the first woman president what Jesse is to Barack, an important precursor that sets the stage. I think its safe to say that she blazed the trail for women a bit further. For her accomplishments, the Season applauds her. Well fought, Senator.