June 8, 2008

Post Mortem Thoughts

Abe, commenting on 3 A.M. For Feminism by

"All this belies the fact that--as you point out--almost none of this actually has to do with anything Obama did other than BEATING HILLARY. What we're really seeing is what happens when the entitlement of feminist identity politics gets into a conflict with the facts: That somebody has to win, and that somebody is the person who has the most delegates. As soon as feminism hits facts, either we have to scrap feminism or we have to scrap reality. Clinton's diehards chose to scrap the latter. What amazes me is the latent racism inherent in all the assumptions made by Clinton supporters. Countless times I've heard Clinton supporters proclaim Obama to be lazy, shiftless, and unworthy while Hillary was "hardworking" and "brilliant". I'll start kissing Clintonian rear end as soon as Clinton supporters get off this sexist-racist "Hillary is so much smarter" meme and start acknowledging that the first black editor of the Harvard Law Review and a man who managed to ascend so quickly from state politics all the way to being the nominee of the Democratic Party is someone who is clearly nothing short of a genius. Start giving my guy some credit and I'll stop harping on the now-proven incompetence of your own candidate."

Posted by Kathleen Duffy

"Seriously, it's not that she is a woman. It's that she is Hillary Clinton. I'm a feminist, age 56. I wanted to vote for her. She kept stabbing me in the heart by campaigning like a republican, talking down to me, and pandering with the gas tax holiday. As for the pundits, I agree that some of the coverage was HORRENDOUSLY sexist. But if she had run a better campaign, she would have won handily in spite of some bad coverage. The people are fairer than the pundits."