August 11, 2015

My Dream Ticket and We'll Never See It

You know what? There is a truly dream ticket to be had out there in my book. Its called Powell Rice 2016. In this combo we have two black Americans of unquestioned accomplishment, personal integrity,leadership quality and global stature, with conservative positions and compassionate viewpoints. That ticket in my view destroys any other ticket the democrats or GOP would hope to field. White America would vote for that ticket. Black America would vote for that ticket. America would vote for that ticket.

Its a ticket we'll never see. They won't run, separately or together. Both of these individuals have been the peoples' choice for President in the recent past. Colin is still remembered fondly by the American people and his name mentioned often as the one person in the Bush administration who understood the stakes going into Iraq. This is the man who told the President "If you break this country, you own it". He was a good soldier and did his job. He's combat tested and knows the cost of war and why you avoid it when its possible, but knows that when you can't avoid it, you fight with overwhelming force and you fight to win it decisively. We call that kind of thinking the "Powell Doctrine".  Condi is an outstanding administrator. A brilliant woman in every respect. Again, her accomplishment and integrity are above reproach. I would be proud for my daughter to emulate her. Though Alaine would say different, the fact she has done her duty for the President that appointed her in the prosecution of an unpopular war is no disgrace in my book. She has played the hand she has been dealt and faithfully discharged her responsibilities as best she knows how.

What cruel twist of political fate denies the American people candidates whose leadership they can truly respect? Neither of them appears to have any desire to serve in the White House and no doubt there are various political and personal reasons for this, all of which I'm sure are entirely legitimate. I generally tend to think that the Presidency is a post that an aspiring candidate should want to hold, but in the case of these two, their seeming lack of desire for the role makes me gravitate to them all the more. Colin, Condi, your country needs you. No doubt their reasons for not running are good, but at this time in the life of our country, we need leadership we can believe in again. Besieged by enemies from without, torn by division from within, we need leadership we trust. They'll make mistakes, but we'll believe they are honest mistakes. It doesn't matter why they don't want to run. The country requires their service. It requires that they try. Its a heavy burden but the American people will help them to carry it because they believe in both of them 

You want an unstoppable ticket? Powell Rice 2016 is it; and we'll never see it. What's your dream ticket and why?  The comment section awaits your picks.